bit2win suite addresses customers' needs in terms of agility, speed and ability to easily handle articulated sales processes.


bit2win Sales is the CPQ reference solution for the Communication Media and Utility modern market. The product marketing team can easily - and in a short time- create new offer configurations, bundle and promotions.

The indispensable agility for the current level of market competition, the necessity of configuring tailor-made offers according to the customers' demands, the speed with which it is necessary to introduce innovative offers require an agile, fast, intuitive and complete tool. bit2win Sales offers a simple and effective user experience to users, partners and final clients.

bit2win Performance is the Sales Performance Management platform of new generation which improves the effectiveness of the revision and salary compensation process.

bit2win Performance incentive and compensation system - which is unique because of its completeness of management functionality and differentiation of awards for the sales network- is focused on companies whose primary need is to have a safe stable platform easily scalable.

bit2win Loyalty examines Loyalty and Rewards Management Application for B2C and B2B markets comprising enrollment management, file/compensation management, Rescue / Deferment management.

bit2win Loyalty is completely based on the technology.

bit2win eCommerce is projected for the online business: it is highly customizable and includes all necessary components for a complete marketplace.





bit2win Store is the optional module for Retail shops. Face to face guided sales and service, shop inventory management, digital signature and cashless payments are some of the processes and features offered by this bit2win module.


bit2win Publish is a collaborating suite of authoring and publishing of documents based entirely on technology. bit2win Publish allows Template Administrators (simple Salesforce users) to define simple rules to hide or show parts of the documents' template.

Based on the data retrieved by DataMapper it is possible to carry out controls on values of variables and dynamically modify the structure of the document's model.

bit2win eSignature is an optional bit2win Publish module. By exploiting the technology of the Digital One Time Password firm, bit2win eSignature allows the end user to sign contracts through a 100% digital paperless experience.

bit2win eCatalog is the 100% product solution that enables:

  • to configure and distribute worldwide
  • to uncouple entrepreneurial catalogs to raise each UX sales channel and ensure the integration of the legacy systems
  • to have 360 ° products and services


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